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Mote Squash Club / new online court booking system

As you may have already heard, we now have a new online booking system which will allow you to book up to 14 days prior. Each day at 7am, a new "booking sheet" is automatically added to the system. All bookings to play from Sunday 1 June 2014 and onwards must now be done on the new booking system (any bookings for dates prior to 1 June must still be done as usual on the paper booking sheets at the club). In other words, on Sunday 18 May from 7am onwards, you can login and book a court to play Sunday 1 June. Please click the following link to go to the booking system website. Your password was computer-generated from a list of random words, you can change your password when you login to the system (click "My Settings"). Please do not share your login details and PIN number with other members. You can change your password and PIN when you log-in to the Booking System Website. You will need to know your PIN number to use the touch screen "kiosk" booking system which has recently been installed in the club house. Please note you will need to have sufficient credit on your booking system account in order to book a court (the booking fee will be deducted from your balance). You will need to "top-up" your booking system account by purchasing either £6 or £20 top-up vouchers from the bar. The vouchers will be on sale from 7pm Monday 12/05. Please click the following link to read the Booking Rules. Best regards, Mote Squash Club

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