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Reopening for squash – proposed opening date of Saturday 1st August – ACTION REQUIRED

The Committee met on Sunday 19th July to review the England Squash ‘Back to Squash’ guidelines and the UK Government guidelines for keeping customers and staff safe in restaurants and bars. With these in mind, we have completed a risk assessment, that is attached, and is also available to all members on our website.

The Committee have unanimously agreed that we can open safely and are delighted to be able to do so, but it needs to be clearly pointed out that this is not opening back up to normal squash and club activities as it was ‘pre-lockdown’. We will all have to follow a new set of guidelines in order to meet the requirements of the squash governing body and the UK government. We are in the process of completing the necessary actions to ensure a safe opening and we are currently planning to open on Saturday 1st August.

The types of play that are now permitted are as follows:
• Members from the same household or support bubble: match play / full squash game (only 2 on court and no extra players to be waiting around in corridor)
• Individuals: single player (solo) practice
• Two members from different households (not in support bubble): modified version of squash (sides) [link on how to play sides on ES website ] or socially distanced routines (examples of this are attached from Off the Wall Squash). No extra players to be waiting around in corridor
• Coaching: we are only allowing ‘1 to 1’ or ‘1 to 2’ coaching at this time (our club coach (Steve Franks) is back and available for lessons!)

In order for a member to be able to play under these restrictions, we will require each member to sign the attached ‘Return to Squash Acceptance Form’. By signing this you are accepting all of the conditions as described. Parents will be signing off for all members under 18. If you are in a support bubble with another member, we are asking you to declare this on your form. YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO BOOK COURTS AND PLAY ONCE YOU HAVE RETURNED THIS FORM.

No returned form = no play. There will not be any exceptions.

If members then are found to be in wilful contravention of these rules, the Committee have the following options available to them:
• Membership suspension
• Membership cancellation
• Shutting the club again until normal match play is possible

We are asking all members to respect these new rules in the spirit of getting the club open and getting back to playing the sport we all love, albeit in a limited form. This will mean that a lot of members will not be able to play proper match play. This is not ideal, but it is a start, and we hope everyone respects this for the greater good.

Please return the form to the Membership Secretary on as soon as possible if you wish to return to play.

Some of the other key points to note:
• All court times are now classified as ‘off peak’ and will need to be operated by coins (no light meter keys)
• In order to allow for a cleaning and airing process after each court booking, every other court has been blocked out to prevent booking. It is requested that members do not exceed a 1hr playing time to allow for at least 30mins ‘clean’ time before the next booking. This will limit capacity but we will keep an active eye on demand and adherence to cleaning times etc
• There is no turn up and play – all members are asked to book the court ahead of coming to the club and to include both players (if applicable) on the booking
• Members to clean all touch points after playing – door handles, light meter, any touch points on walls
• The changing rooms and showers are not to be used
• Signing in and out of the building
• No guests / pay & play at this time

We have made the decision NOT to open the bar at this point. We will keep this under active review but we are not expecting to open this until we are able to operate in a more normal capacity. With this in mind, there will NO ACCESS ALLOWED UPSTAIRS. This will reduce the amount of ongoing cleaning required, and allow us to focus on the downstairs / courts.

Prior to opening, the club will receive a deep clean.

Please read the attached ‘Return to Squash Acceptance Form’. If you are in any doubt as to what you are being asked to sign for, or have any questions about the risk assessment, please contact the Club Chairman, Tim Casey, on or the Club Secretary, Alastair Hill, on

Thanks for your continued support, and welcome back! Hopefully, full match play will return before too long!

The Committee


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