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Christmas Party 21st December

Little reminder that the Christmas party on Saturday 21st December (7pm till late)is fast approaching.

As you know there will be live music from the Leigh Highwood band.

There will also be an open Mic session for those of you that would like to have a turn. A few have already signed up for this but please let Russ know if you would like to have a go!

We would also like to ask that you bring along some food to help with a light bite buffet. Suggest things like sausage rolls, piece of cheese for the cheese board, cocktail sausages, quiche, crisps, etc .

As you know we’re not asking for any money to help with cost of having a band so any help by bringing food would be appreciated.

Come down for another great night at your club. Look forward to seeing your there!

Contact Russ for answers to any queries.

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