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WEEKENDS AT THE MOTE We are very keen to see the club used more at weekends. We already have a number of junior activities on Saturdays, including coaching, team matches and the Mid-Kent Junior League, plus lots of adult members using the club later in the afternoon. We open the bar every Saturday at 4pm and would like to encourage more members to come along and use the facilities. We are continuing with the Sunday morning sessions to encourage family, friends and newcomers to try their hand at squash, racketball, table tennis and fitness classes. We are also offering free coaching. So far we have been rewarded with a handful of new members joining the club, and this is obviously a trend we would like to see continue. As always, club members are encouraged to join in, and to suggest any additions or improvements to our existing activities. 2017 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS The draws for the 2017 Club Championships are currently being processed. The draws will be on the notice board any day now. Please check the draw and arrange your matches as quickly as possible. A huge amount of work goes in to making all the arrangements so please give Jason as much support as you can to get your matches played before the deadlines for each round of the main competitions and the plate events. The schedule is for the semi-finals to be played on May 12-13th and the finals on Friday May 19th. The entry fee is £5 and we will have some superb prizes. BARN DOOR CHALLENGE Thursday March 16th: Another fun evening in prospect with all proceeds going towards the Kent Open in June. Please put your names on the list. BOOK SIGNING: Rumours suggest that the co-author of Jahangir Khan: 555 will be holding a book signing during the evening. 2017 SELECT GAMING KENT OPEN The 2017 tournament will be our ninth year of hosting the Kent Open. The dates for this year are as follows: Pre-Qualifying June 11-12. Qualifying: June 13-14. Main Draw June 15-18. We are very keen to offer Mote members the chance to play in the Pre-Qualifying tournament, and thereby get the chance to join the professionals in the Qualifying competition. Please contact Alan to get your name down on the list. We are also very keen to give club members the chance to be involved in every area of the tournament. This could involve media work, helping Joe in the kitchen, driving the players from the club to the hotel and back, keeping the courts clean every day, and dozens of other jobs that help the tournament run smoothly. We would like to add a couple of extra sponsors to our list this year to help with the costs of running the tournament. Please contact Alan for further details. The Tournament Party will take place on Saturday June 17th with either a graded event or a friendly team match taking place ahead of the semi-finals. QUIZ NIGHT Saturday March 18th. Please get your names on the list for teams for the next Quiz Night, hosted by Dave Ealham. A fish and chip supper will be served during the evening. CLUB NIGHT A massive thank you from us all to Sharon Evans, who has run Club Night for the past ten years and has now stood down. We have had a queue of volunteers keen to help out in the future, which is always a great position to be in. Some members have said they would love to see the format stay as it is, others have suggested a few minor changes. Please feel free to share any ideas. Just one important point: With Club Night so popular, lots of doubles is being played. I would strongly urge ALL doubles players to wear eye protection on court. We have seen an alarming number of incidents where players have been struck by the ball while playing doubles, and eye injuries can have a devastating impact on your life, so please, please take this seriously. WOMEN'S SQUASH: We were delighted to see so many female players competing in the Lashings Graded Tournament in January. We are very keen to encourage female participation in squash and racketball and will be announcing some new dates soon for hosting female events. LEAGUES Good luck to all players in the squash and racketball leagues, which will be extended to allow players more time to complete their Club Championship matches as well. TEAMS Excellent first half performances from the top two teams competing in the Outer Kent League and North West League. With a reshuffle of the selections done over Christmas, we are confident that the third team will also be enjoying winning ways in the second half of the season. Please do come down and support our teams, both the adult and junior squads. That's all for now, folks. Best wishes, ALAN THATCHER Club Chairman.


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