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Travellers are currently occupying the top rugby pitch after forcing entry through the top car park gate yesterday evening.
The Mote Cricket Club are taking legal action to have them evicted, but this process may take several days.
All members are requested to be extra vigilant at all times. I know it may be uncomfortable during this hot spell, but please:
- Do not leave the front door on the latch
- Do not open the fire exit next to the ladies' changing rooms except in an emergency
- Do not leave the balcony door open and unattended

Further wilful, deliberate damage has been done to one of our courts. This time, someone has scratched the name "DANIEL" on the side wall of Court 2.
This was carried out on Monday or Tuesday of this week.
We need to identify the culprit(s) and take appropriate action.
Further black marks have also appeared on the floors of Court 2 and Court 4.
All members are asked to intervene if they see anyone wearing non-marking shoes on our courts.

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