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Back Open for Squash – Saturday 1st August!

The Committee are delighted to confirm that all the required Covid risk assessment actions have been completed meaning we can open back up for RESTRICTED SQUASH ONLY as of Saturday 1st August. THE BAR REMAINS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

As previously communicated, this will NOT be squash as normal and there are specific restrictions that are in place and need to be followed. To play, you need to have completed the ‘RETURN TO SQUASH ACCEPTANCE FORM’ as previously communicated (also attached). YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO BOOK COURTS AND PLAY ONCE YOU HAVE RETURNED THIS FORM. Currently, over 30 of us have done this!

NO RETURNED FORM = NO PLAY. There will not be any exceptions. Please return the form to the Membership Secretary on as soon as possible if you wish to return to play.

As a reminder, the types of play that are now permitted are as follows:
• Members from the same household or support bubble: match play / full squash game (only 2 on court and no extra players to be waiting around in corridor)
• Individuals: single player (solo) practice
• Two members from different households (not in support bubble): modified version of squash (sides) [link on how to play sides on ES website ] or socially distanced routines (examples of this are attached from Off the Wall Squash). No extra players to be waiting around in corridor
• Coaching: we are only allowing ‘1 to 1’ or ‘1 to 2’ coaching at this time (our club coach (Steve Franks) is back and available for lessons!)

Please remember, all play MUST be pre-booked with all player names in the booking.

If you don’t feel ready to come back yet or the restricted conditions make it unattractive for you, we hope to see you back in the not too distant future. We will continue to assess the situation to ensure it remains safe for those that are playing, but also to reopen more fully as and when it is safe to do so. England Squash as the governing body will be providing updated guidelines and we will assess these in line with our own risk assessments.

Welcome back!
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