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Membership Subscriptions for 2019/20

We are sure most will have remembered that the club subscriptions for 2019/20 are due on 1st October.

At Friday's AGM it was agreed that subscriptions for the forthcoming year will remain unchanged. To remind you these are:

Individual Peak £160
Individual Off Peak £ 80
Family £250
Senior (O 65) £100
(in full time education) £ 35
Junior £ 35

At the EGM which preceded the AGM the club rule changes which had previously been circulated were agreed. There are 2 things to note that relate to subscriptions:

1. This year there will be a late penalty charge for existing members
who do not renew their subscriptions by 31st October. The proposed
changes sent out prior to the EGM referred to a joining fee but this
has been changed late payment charge which was endorsed at the

2. The family category has been amended and will now include 2 adults
and 2 juniors (or full time students), all of who may play at any

Membership forms for 19/20 will be available behind the bar in the next couple of days. You can still renew your membership on line on the My Courts system which is the preferred method of payment for existing members.


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