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Moving to Phase 2 - Introduction of 'Squash Bubbles'

England Squash updated their guidance for the reintroduction of squash by moving to Phase 2 on 1st September. This allows players to form ‘squash bubbles’ (up to 6 players) and play full-court squash, although hygiene measures are still required.

Please note the following:

  • Still only two players on court at one time
  • Protective eyewear or visors are strongly recommended at all times when playing full court squash/racketball, but this is not mandatory

All existing hygiene measures still remain in place eg.

  • Members to clean all touch points during and after playing – door handles, light meter, any touch points on walls
  • All courts are still off-peak and coins/tokens to operate the meters
  • Court airing time is still in place - it is requested that members do not exceed a 1hr playing time to allow for at least 30mins ‘clean’ time before the next booking
  • There is no turn up and play – all members are asked to book the court ahead of coming to the club and to include both players (if applicable) on the booking
  • Signing in and out of the building
  • No guests / pay & play at this time
  • The changing rooms and showers are not to be used (update to follow shortly)

In order to be able to play full-court squash (unless you are playing within the same household), you need to activate your ‘squash bubble’. The process for this is as follows:

  • The lead person in a bubble is to send an email to the Club Secretary at detailing the people with whom you are forming a bubble copying in the other members of the bubble
  • If a player wishes to switch bubbles, they must communicate this to the Club Secretary and take a 7-day break from playing the full version of the game before joining a different bubble (email notification as before). ‘Sides’ or socially distanced practices can be played during this 7-day break

Full-court play can start as soon as you have sent in your e-mail confirming your squash bubble.



1.BOOK IN ADVANCE: No play unless booked on the electronic booking system. Maximum 2 people per court booking (no extra players to be waiting around in corridor). Remember to bring your £1 coins or tokens (there is no facility to purchase new tokens at this point)!

2.SIGN IN AND OUT: There will be a signing in/out sheet inside the club entrance (hand sanitiser will be available). This will help track and trace if there is a confirmed COVID case from a member who has been at the club and activate a deep cleaning policy.

3.MAINTAIN GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE: Wash your hands regularly, including before and after play. Do not wipe your hands on the walls (use your towel).

4.CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT: Come changed in your playing kit (the changing rooms / showers are out of bounds and not to be used). Bring your own towel and extra kit in case you get too sweaty. Bring your own filled water bottle (water fountain will not be in use) and do not swap rackets with anyone else. Take your bag on court with you (nothing left outside the court).

5.ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE: Do not arrive too early inside the club so we can keep traffic flow to an absolute minimum (within 5 minutes is ok), and leave promptly afterwards.

6.KEEP TO YOUR COURT BOOKING TIMES: Court timings are still 45 minutes. The subsequent court booking after you needs at least 30 minutes free time to air for the next set of players.

7.CLEAN UP AND WIPE DOWN: Keep touch points clean (this includes door handles, light meter and any walls that have been inadvertently touched). Leave it as you would expect it to be left for you.

8.KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: No handshaking. Ensure that you adhere to current social distancing guidelines at all times – this includes the type of squash you are allowed to actually play.

  • Full-court squash if you are within a ‘max 6-person bubble’

If not in a bubble:

  • Members from the same household or support bubble: match play / full squash game (only 2 allowed on court at any one time)
  • Individuals: single player (solo) practice
  • Two members from different households (not in support bubble): modified version of squash (sides) or socially distanced routines

9.BE KIND: Respect the club rules and be kind to fellow members so that we can continue to enjoy squash together.

10.STAY HOME / GO HOME: If you or anyone in your household are unwell, even with mild symptoms, please do not come to the club. If you fall ill at the club, go home as quickly as possible. Follow NHS guidelines and report your symptoms to the club for contact tracing purposes.

11.JUNIORS: If a parent wishes to watch their child’s session, it is requested that only 1 parent be in attendance (all coaching will be on Court 1 for the foreseeable future). The coach will be responsible for managing the coaching schedule to ensure no crossover of players and sufficient court cleaning time.

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