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Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting 2019 - Friday 27th September

Dear Mote Members,

Please note that in addition to the AGM, the Committee has requested an EGM be convened on Friday 27th September at 7:45pm immediately before the AGM, and all members are invited to attend.

There is only one item on the Agenda - Changes to Club Rules

The Committee have reviewed and approved an updated set of ‘Club Rules'. The updates are mainly to reflect current practice and provide better clarification in some areas, but there are also a few proposed changes to improve the day to day running of the club.

Some of the key changes being proposed are, but not limited to:
- Simpler process to become a member
- Redefinition of the ‘Family’ membership category
- Introduction of a joining fee
- Introduction of a re-joining fee for late payment of subscriptions

All the proposed changes are fully detailed in a marked-up version of the Club Rules that is attached.

Members are welcome to comment or seek clarification on the proposal at the EGM, where a vote will be taken. The vote requires a majority of three quarters of those members present to be passed.

Comments can also be made via email to the Club Secretary, Alastair Hill, ( prior to the meeting for those unable to attend.

The formal EGM notice and agenda, including the marked-up proposal, are attached below.

Thanks and Regards,
The Mote Squash Club Committee

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