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Court heating

The court heaters have recently been serviced and the thermostats reset to a temperature that is hopefully reasonable for most people.

The Committee recognises that the current thermostats and controllers are not ideal due to their location (hard to access and therefore a potential safety concern, as well as having the potential to be left on at higher temperatures for some time if adjusted).

The controllers are also not straight forward in their operation either! The Committee would ask that people DO NOT adjust the temperatures on the controllers as a matter of course, but if there is a real need to adjust them, please bear the following in mind:
- be careful in how you lean out to adjust the thermostats. Children should not be doing this.
- the green button turns the heating OFF for the amount of time that then reads on the display. To overcome this, you will then need to press the on/off button to reset the unit.
- the temperature is adjusted up and down with the arrow buttons only (currently set for about 22-24 degrees depending on the court).
- the heating is currently on a timer and is programmed to turn off in the early afternoon before coming back on later on in the afternoon. No amount of pressing of buttons at that time will change that!

There are instructions on the notice board in the bar area that should help you further.

The Committee is exploring other options to make the heating control safer and more efficient.

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