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Revised Leagues for May/June Session

I am pleased to announce that we have added an extra league which we have labelled 'Premier'.

Some of the better players from the club have re-joined the leagues after several years absence. I hope their presence will lead to more players of similar standard joining next session so that we can have Premier One and Premier Two.

There will be promotion and relegation as usual from the Premier division(s) to League One and all the way down giving all players the chance to reach Premier status.

Some matches in the Premier may be played using American rules up to 11, two clear. This change is to aid in getting a positive result from most matches within the 40 minute session.

American rules can be used in all other leagues as well if both participants agree. If only one player is in favour of American rules then the match should be played under the existing system.

The points system remains unchanged no matter which rules the match is played under ie. 3-0 win, 7 points to winner, 2 to loser etc. etc.

Any questions please let me know.

Best regards

John Burbridge

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