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New Squash Leagues. Session Ending Sunday August 13th.

Please find attached new squash leagues.

There was an unprecedented 16 new players challenging in for this session which is great news. We are now back to ten leagues going up from seven in the last few sessions. Welcome to all new and returning participants.

The number of new players challenging in has made it very difficult for promotion / relegation issues to be dealt with in the normal manner so some of you may not be in the box that you thought you might be and may even be lower than you were before. Also those challenging in may not be at their requested level. However the important thing is to get close, competitive games.

With the above in mind it is vitally important to get all league games played. If that is achieved then the 'pecking order' within the leagues will automatically adjust itself with appropriate promotion and relegation over the next couple of sessions.

So, if you think you are in the wrong box at the moment, don't get the hump,get the games played and you will be at the correct level within a couple of sessions.

Best regards

John Burbridge

PS. Please check your contact details on the sheets to make sure I have entered them correctly.

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