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New Squash Leagues Ending April 7th.

Good Afternoon

In an effort to increase participation in the squash box leagues it has been decided to:

1.Decrease the number of players in each box to preferably 4 or 5 depending on total number of participants. ie. Most boxes will be 4 players but some may be 5 to ensure that all players can participate.
Purely by chance, this session we have 40 participants which makes it easy to have 10 boxes of 4

2.Scoring: Best of 5 games. The default method of scoring is, and always has been, PAS (Point a Serve) up to 9 or optionally 10 (if scores level at 8 all).
However, if BOTH players agree beforehand, then PAR (Point a Rally or ‘American’) scoring can be used up to 11 but 2 points clear if tied at 10-10, 11-11 etc.

3.A £4.00 'beer voucher' will be issued to the winner of each box provided ALL games have been completed. Details of how this will be administered to follow.

To get the new league format started, many players will find themselves in a different league than anticipated. Please bear with it for a couple of sessions, play all of your matches and the natural order, according to ability, will soon be evident. Bear in mind that if you're in a lower league than you think you should be then you have a great chance of winning a beer voucher.

I have attached the new leagues and a copy of the 'Squash League Rules' which have been modified to comply with the above mentioned changes.

Best regards

John Burbridge
07831 891545

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