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Amended Squash Leagues

Good afternoon

Jason and Ben Goodayle have twisted a few arms resulting in a few more players joining the leagues this session.

The new players have all been placed in Premier One. All other leagues have the same players but have dropped down one level to accommodate the new players. Updated league sheets attached.

I have extended the leagues by one week to give plenty of time for the new players to play their games. If any games have already been played I will transfer the scores on to the amended sheets this evening.

We hope to be able to transfer league game results to the Squash Levels web site for those that are interested and registered. However to do that I will need one of the players to advise me directly by text or email of the full result of a particular game ie. not just the overall games score but also the points score in each game.

If,like me, you know nothing about Squash Levels, you can learn more on their web site and/or ask Jason or Tom Goodayle.

Anyone not involved with Squash Levels just enter the games score on the league sheets as normal.

Best regards

John Burbridge
Tel. 07831 891545

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